Blitzkrieg Maps

Use the navigation on the right to find SinglePlayer and MultiPlayer maps. Notice there are different links to specific views of listed maps.

Each SinglePlayer map page contains a download link to a pak-file. Depending on your browser, you might have to rename zip into pak (especially IE11). Simply put the pak-file into your Blitzkrieg\Run\Data folder. In some cases, you will have a choice of language.

In case of a SinglePlayer map for a mod, put the pak-file into your
Blitzkrieg\Run\Mods\Mod Folder\Data folder.

For MultiPlayer maps, the download comes as a zip-file with a bzm-file and a lua-file. Unzip these files to your Blitzkrieg\Run\Data\maps\multiplayer directory.

Registered members will have the option to rate the maps and comment on them.

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