All Units Mod

Mod description:
The All Units Mod is a collection of units, squads, objects and effects. It is the result of a collaboration between various members of the former BK Portal.

  • Aleksej fon Grozni
  • [BKP]
  • Buz
  • czghenry
  • Dunkelrot_erhob_sich
  • Great Warlord George W. Bush
  • JackCola
  • Leclerc
  • LouisXIV
  • Randell
  • Squire James
  • Supertank17
  • Tod0001

Released: 2007

Run the All_Units_Mod.exe file to begin installation.
The default path of "C:\Program Files\Nival Interactive\Blitzkrieg\Run\" will need to be changed if your copy of Blitzkrieg is installed in a different location.

Note: the installer will create the All_Units_Mod.exe\Data folders automatically.
This mod requires around 462MB of free disk space to install.



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