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Panzerwaffen Mod 2011 Multilanguage

Late-war based mod complete with several new 3D models, adds many more new units, new unit textures for some existing Blitzkrieg units, a custom menu interface, updates some new flora objects and updates to terrain and new music.

Panzerwaffen Mod 2011 includes the following files:

- Panzerwaffen Mod 2008 by Kun@ and Lukoss.
- Unofficial patches 2.0 + 2.5 by Brazilian Blitzer (includes Bloodiest Winter chapter).
- 5 Panzerwaffen maps - 1 BK1 map reworked by BKP and 4 maps by mr.frost72.
- German Gray Skins, a compilation of previous skins by Brazilian Blitzer.
- Multilanguage: English, Spanish, French (*), German (*), Italian (*).
- New installer by Sgt. Pepper.

(*) Only PZWFN maps translated

German: mr.frost72
Spanish: Viriato13
French: AlbertMarcel
Italian: Folgore

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