Italian Units Mod II

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Mod description:
The Italian Units Mod V2 is of course build upon its precessor, although there are some significant changes. The mod contains various additions from different authors and other mods:
CDV - DAK - HeimatfronT - EA - All Units Mod - HRA - CSLA - BalkanFeldzug Mod - PanzerWaffen
Furthermore, almost every Italian unit created by dunkel is in it and recently, an incredible amount of Major Pain's units are added as well.

Special thanks go to:
dunkel - Aleksej fon Grozni - Major Pain - Stahlsohle - JackCola - [BKP] - tgd - von_luger - Leclerc - LouisXIV - CorpBob - von osten - Solvang - kurt - Warlord GW Bush - Hellcat - Eisenhans - Randell - Rolesz - BadMoon - leon - Tod0001 - GordonCZ - Hannibal - SquireJames - Wespex - Folgore - FlaK - Stefano - hungaryblitz - Big Joe

Authors: kaoz
Released: January 2008

Run the IUII_Setup.exe file to begin installation.
During the installation, browse to the game's Mod folder (i.e. "C:\Blitzkrieg\Run\mods\").

This mod requires around 1,5GB of free disk space to install.



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The mod is under a heavy update. Many Major Pain units are being added and skins are being created for them.

ricz's picture

Thank you for your work!!

Mate, any updates on the new version of this mod? Beta is just fascinating, so can't wait for the finished product!!!!! 

bkb's picture

Apologies, have been busy with Major Pain's units. Want to add these to the mod, but this is quite a long process. I know i should focus on finishing 3 maps so at least there'll be a decent working version. I will try to achieve this the coming time. MP units can be added later in seperate pak file.

Thx 4 the support, mate!

Mate, any updates? As days go by, the need for getting me hands on the final version is fast becoming an obsession! 

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It's coming mate, really. Those 3 maps are finished and/or fixed. But couldn't hold myself from adding almost 300 trucks/transport (made by MP). This has no effect on the already existing maps/chapters however, so i am able to forsee a working version. I only need to create a copy, delete unnecessary data and build an installer. Will try doing somewhere between x-mas and newyear, me having some time off then.

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As 'promised', an inbetween version has been set available for download.

Please, don't hesitate to report any problem you might bump into. I have been testing the mod and chapter/maps thoroughly before creating the installer, but i didn't have the time yet to test it after the install. Hoping that i didn't delete too much unnecessary data...

Have fun and thx for the interest!

Nice, mate! Thanks.

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Outstanding.. Thank you!

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Thank you in return!

Mate, PMed you on Blitzsrbija about this mod. Not posting here so as not to spoil the fun 

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