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Allies + Axis
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15 x 18
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This map is part of the OstWall 03 chapter and included in the Operation Apocalypse mod.

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Map Guidelines

At the start, Alpha Team (2 covert trucks with squads and agents) is heading towards the bridge and a bunker. Do not interrupt them! This will cause the objectives to malfunction. When they arrive, they will automatically unload. An enemy officer starts running to pull off the alarm. Immediatly select that British squad and agent and move them towards the Zis-5 truck that is in view. Try to be quick and you will see him on the other side of factory buildings. Take him out.

After that, select the 2 squads and order them to go inside the bunker (using Alt). If the objective is reached, don't forget to send one agent across the bridge to meet Agent Zaltar in the lodge! Put the agent into the Log House.

Don't cross the bridge yet. Instead, move over the docks and use your squads to destroy the armored wagons while they are still unmanned/neutral. Proceed, destroy another armored train, a tank and a rail gun. Don't waste time doing this. After a certain amount of time, the neutral units will become hostile, so dealing with them fast makes it just easier.

When Bravo Team arrives, don't interrupt it. When it unloads, get the squad, sniper and truck up towards the docks (in particular the big factory building with the Russian propaganda poster), if you want them to survive. Your others squads should almost link to them. Then, the enemy will become alarmed and hostile. Beware!

A small counter-attack will take place towards the bridge. Knock it down. The enemy artillery will respond, so you might have to sacrifice something. Next, destroy all the heavy guns on the docks, try stealing AA equipment, set up a good defense aligned with the railroad in front of the docks. Keep the area with the fuel reserves empty though, as you don't want to draw enemy attention to this area.

In the last phase, you need to occupy the city. The city is sliced up in different area's. Spawning AI enemy attacks will start, which can only be stopped by conquering those area's. Beware of snipers and other hidden units.

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