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The Unofficial Addon to Blitzkrieg features 15 missions that play on the Eastern Front of World War II between July 4th and 13th of 1943. Included are 40 new units, 25 new structures and additional sound effects and improvements to the game's engine.
Unfortunately, because this is a commercial and not a free mod, a download cannot be offered. It is easy to find, however.

Jeff Hays

Sun, 04/23/2023 - 06:24

I have BK with lots of saved games on a Windows XP environment that won't boot up anymore. What is the easiest path to get a new PC and rebuild BK to access my old saves, mods etc?  Thank you for any help you can provide.


Very long time ago, someone advised me to install BK at the root drive, like C:\Blitzkrieg\Run instead of the
C:\Program Files\Nival Interactive\...
If i remember correctly, this made it more stable to run different installations of BK on the same PC. Sure, it might be you don't want to run multiple installations, but i would still advise to install to the root drive. For almost 20 years i've done it that way and never had any issues with running the game. Might also work better for Win10/11...

But ok, in your case: i hope you'll be able to still connect your old XP drive onto your new PC. Not sure if you have a BK
cd-rom for installation or if it concerns the Steam version. I am not very familiar with the Steam version, however.

Anyway, just install BK to your root, then create a folder 'Mods' under C:\Blitzkrieg\Run. Then copy the mods from your old drive into this folder. Some mods do conflict with others, which is one of the reasons why i'm using different installations on different drives. I also have a D:\Blitzkrieg\ and a E:\Blitzkrieg\. For Steam version, i believe you need to create a Mods folder under the C:\Blitzkrieg instead of Run.

Same for your Save files; copy them to C:\Blitzkrieg\Run\Saves. Not sure if you need to create a Saves folder. I believe the game creates it when you, like f.e. play a tutorial and save that game. In case of Mod map saves, take care, because each mod has its own Saves folder! Like C:\Blitzkrieg\Run\mods\IUII\saves. I guess on your old drive, they will be placed already there, so you don't need to copy them separately if you already copied the complete Mod folder. I might sound a bit overcautious here about to 'take care', but just so you would be aware of that.

Also be aware to copy your C:\Blitzkrieg\Run\Data\Maps and C:\Blitzkrieg\Run\Data\Scenarios, so when you load a Save file, you also have the map in the Maps folder and their Scenario files! Mods again, have their own Maps and Scenarios folder

That should work...