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This map is included in the Italian Units Mod II mod as the [IU02] Somali 1940 chapter.

Tug Argan Pass Map Screenshot


There are two basic objectives in this very small map with little room for maneuver. First objective is to capture the northern hill and second the southern hill. At the start of the map, it is best to unload your men and give them defensive positions. A third objective will summon you to take out the enemy/AI artillery with your bomber planes. If you manage to hit them at your first attempt, then the map will become much easier. If not, an enemy/AI recon plane will spot you and their artillery start shelling. You should be able to survive that, but most probably with a cost.

After you've dealt with the enemy/AI artillery, you can go for the attack. The Fiat tanks may seem stupid at first, but they work well against entrenched soldiers, especially if you can keep them hidden behind rocks.

Try to follow the road between the hills and aim to get beyond the northern hill. This is important because at a certain period (a percentage of enemy loss on the northern hill), a surprise mission (4) will pop up. In this objective you need to stop a retreat of enemy/AI troops. Knowing this will make it much easier by simply await and ambush them. Do beware for attacking enemy/AI planes, however.

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You will win when all four objectives have been completed.