Kalpaki Greece Map Image
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GB + Greece
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10 x 10
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This map is included in the Italian Units Mod II mod as the [IU13] Greece 1941 chapter.

Kalpaki Greece Map Screenshot


The map opens with a paradrop. Once succeeded, you get to command your army (yep, a bit silly). Notice your artillery being unmanned and your supplies very scarce. To not empty your supply trucks right away, you could disband a squad and put one single man onto your arty.

While your main objectives are to seize the town of Kalpaki in the southeast and the Kalpaki mountain in the east, you should aim for the third objective first. That warehouse is very much needed and once that road is secured and open, you'll receive some reinforcements.

Going frontal from the north to the east, might not seem to be best approach. You'll certainly meet some stiff opposition! The easiest way is probably to use your artillery west from the warehouse (where it is out of enemy/AI artillery range) and manage a breakthrough towards the south and try to take the town before the mountain. Or not...

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