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zaltar + kaoz
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Allies + Germany
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13 x 13
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This is the fifth and last map of the 10 Race For Dominion chapter, included in the Operation Apocalypse mod.

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Being the last chapter map, this is probably the toughest, especially if you play it for the first time and not know what is coming. And when and where from.

The first part of the game is somewhat time based: in one specific period, you need to protect three retreating convoys going over the main road from the north to the west (from A to B). Therefor, you want to keep this road free to not block these units. A few of these units will change player so you can use them to your advantage. In this same period, you will have to deal with a few enemy attacks trying to hit those convoys.

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Build trenches in front of the road where possible and you'll need good timing when laying mines inbetween the attacks. Also be careful for a few enemy snipers!

In the second part, when all retreating convoys made it to the exit point, the enemy attacks will stop, but you will still need to conquer the entire map...