Modding and Mapping

Map Making Help

Good old starters:

hitandrun's Basic Lua Lessons

Calvin's Lua Scripting Guide

Wespex' MapEditor
This file is meant to replace the F1 Help file within the MapEditor. Simply overwrite the one from the Run folder. Comes with more detailed tutorials and has Calvin's Guide included.

Tangram's Embankments
Guide for creation of embankments, but also to basics of Field Composer.

kaoz' Guide for BK Maps
Guide for the creation of maps, covering all necessary aspects and with a lot of Lua examples.

Oxy's MultiPlayer Guide
MultiPlayer map making tutorial, with a lot of MapEditor tips and tricks.

Leon's Map Guide
Pointers to MapEditor. Tips and tricks.

Boltz' Memo
Basic LUA knowledge for Blitzkrieg.

Mod Making Help

Major Pain's How To
This tutorial not only shows the basics of handling files within the game structure, it also explains how to skin a unit and set the paramaters for the unit's xml file.

Tangram's Building Modding Tutorial
Basic guide for the creation of buildings.

kaoz' Building Tutorial
QuickGuide on building houses in 4 steps. One of those steps goes deeper in how to set the parameters for the building in the ResEditor.

kaoz' Acks Tutorial
QuickGuide on how to add sound acks to your units.

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