Map Making Help

MapEditor.chm by Wespex

This file can replace BK's origial mapeditor.chm file (for use when pressing F1 in the MapEditor), but can also be opened from any other location. The file has been extended with a single-player map tutorial and other additions. Has also Calvin's Lua Guide included.

Oxys_Multiplayer_MapTutorial.pdf by Oxy

One of the oldest beginner's guide. Although the title speaks of multi-player, most explanations count for single-player as well. provided by [BKP]

This file contains the updated MapEditor 1.4 that allows the selection of new aviation units found in modobject.xml files. Unzip and overwrite BK's original files.

LeonsMapGuide.pdf by Leon

To use Leon's own words: pointers to the BK MapEditor. Nonetheless, a thick guide, starting from scratch and explaining most of the possibilities within the MapEditor.

Embankments_v1.pdf by Tangram

Guide on building level rail embankments and correcting heights with XML. In addition, it starts with a brief explanation of the editor's Field Composer.

DesignGuidance.chm by Harro

A small beginner's guidance on map design. Just a few good tips...

LuaScriptingGuide.pdf by Calvin

Does it need any further explanation? This guide is known as the BK Lua Bible and indispensable when 'writing' a Lua script.

BasicLuaLessons.pdf by hitandrun

Not familiar with Lua? Yes, it looks complicated... Start reading this tutorial and the mist should clear. Debugging notes by [BKP] - proof-read and suggestions by Wespex.

LuaScriptingGuide.htm by kaoz

This tutorial shines different spotlights on all necessary aspects in the map finishing process. It mainly tries to make Lua understandable, but also explains ScriptID's, the 1.xml, Start Commands, etc. Comes with many examples. 


An Excel file showing the Terrain Parameters...

Chapter_Tutorial.htm and Campaign_Tutorial.htm by kaoz

It's all in their title...

Mod Making Help

Blitzkrieg_HOWTO_Tutorial.pdf by Major Pain

This tutorial describes the BK file structure and explains the files more deeply. A great part also deals with how to skin vehicles and edit their 1.xml's. It doesn't explain all the different kinds of modding, but  provides a basic understanding what files BK is working with.

bk-editorstuff-Complete.exe provided by [BKP]

A must-have package that contains all necessary templates for the ResEditor. Makes it possible to start from original files, edit them and export them through the ResEditor.

BuildingModdingTutorial_v1.0.pdf by Tangram

Tutorial explaining building and object modding. 

BuildingTutorial.htm by kaoz

Another tutorial about building houses. Plain simple and going through the whole process using the ResEditor. 

Ack_Tutorial.htm by kaoz

Acks are the sound files attached to units, objects and weapons in BK. This tutorial shows how to create and attach voices (to a squad as an example). Also included, a list of all different types for any particular unit.

consts_xml_Reference.pdf provided by [BKP]

Indispensable in case of the desire to pitch a mod's playability that needs to be edited in the mod's consts.xml. This reference makes it somewhat more understandable.

Creating a new squad with the ResourceEditor.pdf provided by Big Joe

A brief explanation with screenshots.