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This is the sixth map of the [IUII] Operation Compass chapter, included in the Italian Units Mod II mod.


The main objective of this map is the town of Tobruk and its port specifically. The oil reserves there need to remain intact, so be careful with your artillery! But before you can focus on the town, you will need to seize its five surrounding forts and nearby airport.

At the start of the map, immediately send your universal carriers and other units located in the south, to the west. Follow the edge of the map until you reach the road in the far west. Then send the carriers up to the road in the northwest and lay an ambush to intercept a fleeing general, escorted by a few more enemy units. This objective is time-limited, but not obligatory and you can still win if they manage to escape. On the other hand, succeeding will award you a bonus reinforcement, but you might become revealed to enemy/AI artillery and planes, so run to the hills up north. Your map could look something like the following:

map help iu96a

The best way to approach the forts, is difficult to say, but attacking from the west might be the easiest. You could close in on the enemy like the following:

map help iu96b

At each fort, if you succeed in destroying the enemy/AI artillery and armored units, then enemy soldiers will surrender. So you don't necessarily need to cleanse every entrenchment. Also remember to empty your starting points to receive further reinforcements! Then in a last phase, further close the circle around the enemy, like this:

map help iu96c

But you could as well try some other approach...