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Allies + Axis
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16 x 16
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This map is part of the OstWall 03 chapter and included in the Operation Apocalypse mod.

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Map Guidelines

Right from the start, the enemy will start attacking your convoy in the north of the map. Immediatly unload and get the infantry forward. The enemy has heavy artillery and you want them to rather hit your men than your AA, AT and artillery. You could also use the motorcycle and the puma to misguide the enemy artillery.

In the middle, also move your squads in defense stance a bit forward. It's better to go slow here, because there's no AA to protect you against enemy recon planes, making those units maybe somewhat vulnarable.

In the west, you should start attacking the farm(s). There are supply dumps that you desperately need. Be careful for enemy rocket launchers (try taking those out first) and snipers. Once you secured this area, expect a moderate counter-attack, so try capturing that enemy AA and get your men ready.

The enemy artillery will be devastating. Try to distract them from your most valuable units. Make some sacrifices, you can even try to make them shell their own units. Anyways, next, it is best to clear the complete area west of the river. You should have enough infantry to launch a massive attack. Try to attack the town from all sides, but again, be sure to distract the enemy artillery. Use your own mobile artillery from the back of the map, but do keep an eye on them and move them when enemy artillery decides to respond. If you have distracted the enemy however, you should get plenty of time.

When the west part of the city is yours and the shelling has somewhat stopped, it is time to attack the east part of the city. Use yours units in the middle (on the east side) and those on the west to attack from both sides. The enemy won't be giving the city easily and at some point, enemy reinforcements will attempt to retake it.

Next, the bunkers in the east are not an obligatory objective. It is possible to win this map, leaving the bunker area untouched. In case you want complete control over the eastern area, then take it out.

The last phase consist in destroying the artillery on the other side of the bridges, so this is the time for revenge! The railroad bridge may seem easier to cross than the bunkers behind the stone bridge, but it depends. Hopefully, your 2 sherman rocket launchers should have survived so you can use them to take out the defenses that lay behind the bridges.

Tip: It should be possible to take one or two enemy artillery pieces out by using planes. Send a recon plane to the utter south and with your mobile artillery shell them. You could also drop some paratroopers there, who could then, work their way up.

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