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Germany + Allies
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13 x 13
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This is the second map of the 02_Ostwall 1944 chapter, included in the Operation Apocalypse mod.

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Budapest OA Map Screenshot


Map walkthrough:

Immediatly send a repair truck (and maybe some armor to protect it) over the middle bridge, passed the palace and then left to the church where two Panthers need repairing. When repaired, these Panthers need to be brought back to the other side, but the enemy is coming... so try to be swift!

You can chose to withdraw all your units from the other side or not. Well, in fact, as soon as your Panthers are in safety, you can play this map in a few different ways. A full attack is possible, but it will be costly. You can chose the left, middle or right bridge to cross and from there on it doesn't matter in which order you perform the three remaining missions. However, the enemy will perform attacks and even try to pass the bridges, so you can also await them and after that cross to the other side.

On the other side, some urban battles await you. Beware of snipers and heavy artillery. One mission demands to free some POW's. Take care not to shell these. You'll lose if they die.

Note: yes, it looks somewhat stupid that the bridges don't get destroyed by the enemy bomber planes.