South Pacific Storm

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The South Pacific Storm mod was created by generalhw with main team members including: CorpBob, Fasya, Leon, Major Pain, Von_Luger.

Brief history of the mod making:
June 2007- April 2008: an idea to make a WWII Pacific War patch for ROK mod.
April 2008, the mod turned from idea to real work.
April 2008 to July 2009, basic mod was finished with Windtalkers chapter and most of the brand new maps done.
July 2009 to 2010: Additional related files are added in by various authors, esp dunkel, Major Pain, Fasya.
2010: Additional related files are added under permission after the release of GZM v7.0.

The mod contains various additions from other sources. They are listed and can be read in the mod's credits.

This mod was having some crashing issues on startup, but have been repaired. Installer created to make things easy.

Install under Rolling Thunder or BH-RT.



Good work!!

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Thanks, some maps still have crashing issues. Some remained unfinished by the author.

The following list shows what is working or not. Mind that only the Windtalkers is a chapter, the rest are single missions.


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