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The Operation Apocalypse mod, created by zaltar and kaoz, tells a fictious story starting from the summer of 1944.

July 20th, 1944, the Valkyrie Conspiracy becomes a succes and the world is stunned to hear that the greatest enemy of freedom, Adolf Hitler, has been assassinated. The West rejoices while Germany lies in a state of emergency. Having temporarily taken power, Field Marshal Erwin Rommel pleads for the war in Europe to end and asks the Allied powers to make a peace treaty in Berlin. Within a week, the Allies are assisting the German people get back on their feet. Life seems peaceful for the moment, but war isn't over yet...

In Moscow, the Soviet Generals are disgusted by the West’s willingness to give the Germans peace, and begin to make plans for revenge. On July 28th, 1944, the Soviets launch the greatest assault of the war, spanning the entire Eastern Front. Code named Operation Apocalypse, the Russian armies crush all resistance, and within weeks, have captured Berlin. But that wasn’t the end: The Battle for Europe had just begun.

The mod contains various additions from HeimatfronT - PanzerWaffen - All Units Mod - HRA - CSLA - BalkanFeldzug Mod - F40M - Heeresgruppe Mod - CFCS


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New update September 19, 2017

  • Capitals changed into small characters of names and references in map xml's, hoping to fix the issue of a chapter being completed after the 1st map. This was tested and should be working.
  • The LouisXIV's chapter (OA_07) and zaltar's chapter (OA_10) have been updated and should also have no further issues. + Some units were added in some maps.
  • All weapon xml's were edited, giving a different gameplay with altered ranges and dispersions, but because all included maps were made for vanilla, this is kept standard. To change the gameplay you need to go to the mod's data folder and switch the names of the consts.xml file. Backup the original consts.xml and rename the consts_rangemax.xml to consts.xml.

Thank you for this new work.

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